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Did God preserve His words?

Or does my Bible contain errors?

If you believe God preserved His words, where can you find them?

History shows that there are two streams of Bible texts, and they are not the same. Obviously, both of them cannot be correct.

Respected linguist David Daniels proves beyond a doubt how we can know the King James Bible is God's preserved words in English. He answers many of the difficult questions the so-called "experts" throw against the King James.

Whether you want to defend the King James Bible or learn which Bible you can trust, you will find the answers here.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Where did the Bible come from?
  • How did God preserve His words to this day?
  • How do I show which Bible is correct to those who refuse to hear "King James only" arguments?
  • Why is the King James Bible called the "Authorized Version"? How was it authorized?
  • Who were the translators of the King James Bible?
  • What was the method used to translate the King James Bible?
  • Wasn't the King James Bible translated from only a few late manuscripts?
  • Is there a Textus Receptus in Greek and Hebrew you can recommend for those studying Biblical languages?
  • Why should I read the King James translation, and not just the Greek and Hebrew?
  • Do the "Bible Codes" prove the Bible is from God?
Chapter 2: Is the true Bible Roman Catholic?
  • Didn't the Roman Catholic Church give us the Bible?
  • How did the Catholic Church hide the Bible, since the first printed Bible (Gutenberg's) was Roman Catholic?
  • Wasn't Erasmus, creator of the Textus Receptus, really a Roman Catholic?
  • What is the Septuagint?
  • Did Peter quote the Septuagint?
  • Why does the KJV say "Saint" Luke? Isn't that Catholic?
Chapter 3: Is the King James Bible translated correctly?
Questions about the Godhead
  • Why doesn't the King James Bible always translate "Yahweh" as Jehovah?
  • Why does the KJV use the term "God forbid" when the Greek word for God, "Theos", isn't in any Textus Receptus Greek manuscript?
  • Why does Romans 8:16, 26 refer to the Holy Spirit as an "it" and not a "he"?
  • Why is the Hebrew word for the Holy Spirit a female noun?
Questions about the Birth of Christ
  • Which is correct in 1 Timothy 3:16, "God was manifest in the flesh" (KJV) or "He appeared in a body" (NIV)?
  • Why did the KJV translators translate "almah" as virgin in Isaiah 7:14?
Which Translation Is Correct?
  • Should Isaiah 14:12 say "Lucifer" or "morning star"? And does it refer to Satan?
  • Gehenna is not hell, is it?
  • Why should the KJV say "Easter" not "Passover" in Acts 12:4?
  • Did the King James change "Passover" to "Easter" in Acts 12:4? 
  • Was "Suffer not a witch to live" in Exodus mistranslated? Should it have said poisoner?
  • When the Ten Commandments says "Thou shalt not kill," does it mean you shouldn't kill at all? Or can you defend yourself, even if you don't kill?
  • Does "replenish" mean "repopulate a world before ours" in Genesis 1:28?
  • Shouldn't "grief" and "sorrows" in Isaiah 53:4 be translated "pain" and "suffering?"
  • Why does Genesis 42:25 refer to corn, a New World crop?
Does the KJV Contradict itself?
  • Do dead people "wake up in the morning" in Isaiah 37:36? 
  • Why do the four gospels attribute three different sentences to Christ as His last?
  • Why Are Matthew's and Luke's family trees of Jesus different? 
  • Why does the KJV state Paul wrote Romans, when Romans 16:22 says Tertius wrote it?
  • Does the KJV contain contradictions about who are the 12 apostles?
Chapter 4: Is the KJV Truly Error-Free?
  • Didn't the KJV add to Scripture in Matthew 27:46?
  • Does 1 John 5:7 belong in the KJV? It's not in any Greek manuscript before 1600, is it?
  • Why is Mark 16:9-20 omitted or bracketed as not original in most non-KJV Bibles?
  • Why does the KJV italicize some words? And why don't other versions?
  • Why are Jesus' words, "For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen" in Matthew and not Luke?
  • Are the non-Biblical sources quoted in my Bible true too?
  • Has the King James Bible been changed between 1611 and today?
  • Do all publishers print "the same" identical King James Bible?
Chapter 5: What's wrong with the other versions?
Missing Words
  • Is the Lord's Prayer in your Bible?
  • Does what's missing matter?
  • Isn't it good enough that the missing words in my NIV are in the footnotes?
  • Is anything missing from the New American Bible or the Rheims-Douay?
Different Words
  • Don't Bibles with different words still say the same thing?
Corrupt Manuscripts
  • Can you prove the perverted Sinaiticus was found in a wastebasket?
  • Can I read the NIV and still be saved?
  • Is the Lamsa Bible trustworthy like the King James Bible?
Other Languages
  • Has God only preserved a Bible for English speaking people?
  • Is the Spanish Bible, La Biblia de las Americas, corrupted like other modern Bible versions?
  • Are all Reina-Valeras the same?
Chapter 6: What's Wrong with KJV Look-alikes?
  • What is wrong with the New King James Version?
  • Do the King James and New King James use the same Hebrew and Greek?
  • Isn't the 21st Century King James an exact reprint of the original 1611 KJV, updating archaic words? Can I trust it?
Chapter 7: What Will I Do?
  • What will you do when they know it's not true?
  • What should I do with my new version Bibles now that I know the KJV is correct?
  • What about people who can't understand the King James? 
  • How and why did you research the words for the King James Bible Companion?
Appendix A: Why Should I Believe You?
Appendix B: The NIV Bible Quiz
Appendix C: Are the Scriptures the "ideas" of God, or the very words of God? You decide!
Appendix D: Annotated Bibliography
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