Delivered From the Wrath to Come: A Study of the Pretribulational Rapture - Dr. Jack A. Moorman

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Edited by Dr. J. A. Moorman The end of this age is near and will conclude with the Rapture for the church of the Living God.

Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. Revelation 3:10. One: An hour of temptation is coming. It is an hour in comparison to the ages of general tribulation that have fallen on parts of the earth. It is an hour, only a short time, yet an exceedingly intense time.

It contains more tribulation than that of all the previous ages combined. Two: It will be upon all the earth. It will not be in only the “trouble spots” of the earth; the entire earth will feel the full weight of its fury. Three: Those who kept the word of his patience during times of general tribulation will be kept from the time of great tribulation. During these times of general tribulation, faith is exercised to wait in patience for His Return: Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain (James 5:7). Four: Believers will be kept from (Gr. ek) the terrible hour. They will not go through it, but will be kept from it. This is a key passage demonstrating that the Rapture of believers will take place before the terrible time of trouble. The coming Tribulation is one unit composed of Seven Seals containing Seven Trumpets and Seven Vials. We will not go through any part of it. Edited by Dr. J. A. Moorman The end of this age is near and will conclude with the Rapture for the church of the Living God. Most individuals on earth are completely oblivious to the events surrounding the Rapture and the Tribulation to follow. Dr. Moorman clearly and succinctly lays out the events from Scripture, the most amazing book ever placed on this earth. All better become familiar soon or face the judgment of an Almighty and Holy God. H. D. Williams, M.D., Ph.D

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