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The Gospel Cart is an excellent tool to help you in your evangelism and outreach work.

It can be used almost anywhere and will fit easily into most normal-sized car boots.

Estimated delivery end of September.

Please see full details below.

Some of its key features are as follows:

  • Look at each picture and notice the three different signs (Notice the JW one!!!) – we can print what you want on these magnetic signs. The text and size of the font that we have used can be seen at a great distance, so I wouldn’t use lots of text, keep it simple and straight to the point. The colour of the sign matches the red on the Gospel Cart. We also produce a white sign with black text on it. Sold separately.
  • Please note two handles – the rubber one is for pulling the Gospel Cart. The metal handle is used to take off the top and slide it inside for transport. You can see this performed on the last few photos, it’s a clever little idea and works very well.
  • The actual cart weighs approx 12kg and can easily be lifted into the boot of a car. It is powder-coated and is built to last, being manufactured in England. The wheels are very durable and can also be changed if you wear them out. We offer replacement wheels if needed.
  • There are adjustable rubber feet at the bottom of the cart, placed on top of a reinforced metal strip for durability.
  • You can fit lots of different sized tracts in the slots provided and we have deliberately kept the top-shelf free in case you wanted to add some A4 sheets, or booklets such as your own literature, church invitations etc. The first shelf can take up to A4, the next two A6, and the bottom up to A5.
  • You can purchase the small sign telling people that we are NOT Jehovah's Witnesses. Sold separately on our shop.
  • There are also other storage pockets at the back along with good size (deep) storage box where you can fit your Bible, Christian Soldier’s Battle Notes, A5 or A6 tracts, pens, pads etc. (Your lunch!)
  • We are looking into a rain/shower cover for the Gospel Cart. Price to be confirmed.
  • If you wanted a ‘matching’ red chair you could order a good quality but inexpensive one from GOPAK

May the Lord bless all of our efforts in getting the Gospel out to sinners.

I really hope the Gospel Cart will be a great help to all of you who are on front-line ministry.

I would really appreciate it, if some of you would advertise this on your social media channels, websites, YouTube etc. as I would love to send out 100’s of these everywhere. As Bible Believing Christians, let’s start fighting back where we have lost ground to the JW’s.

Why not send the Gospel Cart as a gift to someone you know (either Christian or Church) who are actively involved in Gospel outreach work. It would be an exceptional tool for them to use and would really be of help to them. If every Christian invested in a Gospel Cart, we could dispatch these all over the UK & worldwide.

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