The cruelty of atheism. What really happens when we die?

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This booklet is aimed at the hardened atheist. It pulls no punches and is as 'straight down the line' as you can get.

It is 48 pages and has the Gospel throughout.

It takes a clear shot at all the 'famous atheists' showing you how futile their 'dogma' 'beliefs' and 'ideals' really are when you come down to it. The atheist can offer you no comfort, no purpose and no hope. This booklet explains why the atheist is just a brainwashed self-deluded fool heading for Hell. We are warning them of the tragic consequences of continuing on that path. This booklet points the atheist to their only hope, Jesus Christ. Pass it out to the masses. Ask them to read it and give you their opinion on it. Tell them a friend of yours wrote it... just get them to read it! It is priced so you can buy multiple copies.

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Author John E. Davis
Publisher Time for Truth!
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